8 Types of Anchor Texts and How Anchor Tags Work?

8 Types of Anchor Texts and How Anchor Tags Work?

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SEO experts spend much time creating the multiple types of anchor texts of their profiles to meet an unsubstantiated percentage they find online. For clarity, there isn’t an ideal percent that can be used to match anchors, branded vs. generic, etc.

Every industry is distinct. Every keyword is unique. It could be challenging to include exact match keywords within your sentence in certain situations. However, in other conditions, it can be difficult to stay clear of. It is best to examine your SERP competitors to know the strategies of others.

Types Of Anchor Texts / Anchor Tags

Generic Anchor Text

A generic anchor text is one of the most frequently used anchor link texts to redirect web users to a different destination. The generic link tag isn’t accompanied by any keywords or other points of reference. Users must go through the text surrounding it to find out what it’s about.

Examples –

  • “Click here to learn more”
  • “View more for more information”
  • “Find more info now”

Some generic link labels examples are – “Click Here”, “Read More”, “Contact Us”, “Download Now”, or “Visit site”, etc. These link labels are used to direct users from one place to another location on the Internet or to perform other actions, such as directly downloading files that are linked to the hyperlink.

A generic link title doesn’t provide information about the hyperlinked web page to users or search engines. These link labels help create content flow and trigger the user to take action. Use this kind of anchor text when you wish to draw users’ attention to a reliable website or tool that is useful but not overly. A repeating “this site” or “read the following here” link routine can get quite boring quickly and not tell Google anything about the information you’re linking. Instead, highlight specific parts of the sentence to show the readers what they can expect to see when they click on it, just as you did with the opening sentence in this section.

Exact Match Anchor Link Text

The exact match anchor text contains the keywords the webpage links to. An exact match link text tag refers to an link label with the main keyword, replicating the Web page to which it is linked. For example, if the keyword “Anchor Text” is included in the text on the Web page and is connected to a website that’s specifically about anchor text, it would be considered an exact match.

This kind of text anchor is the most efficient way to let users navigate various Web pages that will assist them in conducting thorough research of the information they’re seeking. The most successful instance, Exact Match, can be found on Wikipedia, where you’ll find an abundance of keywords linked to Web websites that speak specifically about the keyword.

For instance, you can link to a webpage about 301 vs. 302 redirects by using the anchor words “301 vs. 302 redirects.”

Examples –

  • “step-by-step guide for link building”  
  • “301 vs. 302 redirects.”
  • “Gift baskets from The Inside Stories”  

Note that Google might view an excessive amount of anchor text that is an exact match as an indicator of red.

Look at the “301 vs. 302 redirects ” example” again. If you frequently use your anchor words “301 vs. 302 redirects,” Google may have more difficulty determining your page’s structure. It could make it difficult to get ranked. 

Branded Anchor Link Tag

As its name defines, branded anchor link label in SEO include the Brand Name to redirect the users to a website or web page.

This on-page SEO strategy is commonly used to promote outbound advertising for businesses to naturally generate traffic to their websites and allow the users who are interested in interacting in a conversation with the brand.

It’s a term used to describe the use of a brand name as anchor text with no additional words. Branded link label is a good choice when using a URL to reference or linking directly to a site.


  • “Contact AdBizzO to get the best SEO services.”
  • “Shop at Deals Adda Online for great deals on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.”
  • “Visit Anurav Digital to explore Off page submission sites.”

This link title also includes the brand name and additional keywords or relevant information. Branded Anchor Link Titles have a particular brand, website, or product name. For example –AdBizzO can help you develop a holistic SEO strategy.

You can include this type of anchor text when acknowledging a company, individual, or product. These link titles usually point homepage of websites and are a crucial part of natural link building. 

Partial Match Anchor Text Tag

A partial anchor text is a variant of an exact match link title. Partial Match Anchors use LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords) that are hyperlinked to a web page. For example, a text which goes to “what are the advantages of anchor texts” can be redirected to a web page where the user can get information about “the benefits of anchor texts” in the content.

Partial match link text usually use LSI keywords which is an important search engine ranking factor for websites and can substantially boost the web page ranking in search engine result pages. Additionally, internal linking can also improve webpage rankings.


  • “Check out the benefits of link text” (“benefits of anchor text” is the target keyword)
  • “Difference between 301 and 302” (“301 and 302” is the target keyword)

These anchor link titles are similar in structure to the phrase match text. The only distinction is that, instead of using the exact wording of the word, the anchor text is a variant.

Naked Anchor Links

Naked Anchor Text is when the website URL is used as an link tag. The naked anchor link is the URL of the destination page. These are extremely easy to use but could be more effective. A naked anchor link tag is usually used on websites posted on different domains or platforms to divert the user to a specific web page relevant to the brand that has published the appropriate content.

For Example –

  • AdBizzO, The Best SEO Agency in India – https://adbizzo.com/
  • Anurav Digital, Off-Page Submission Website List – http://anurav.digital/

They aren’t particularly effective in helping search engines comprehend the contents of the page linked to. They can also hinder the user experience since they appear unprofessional and spammy. Only use naked anchor links when required, as they can appear messy and puzzling for users.

Image Anchor Text / No Text Anchor Tag

Image Anchor Texts are prevalent these days. A hyperlink on the image makes it clickable. Image anchor links help users to navigate across your website. But these image link titles can make your website less accessible.

Images of any kind can also be linked; however, you aren’t able to add anchor text to images. Instead, the alt text of the image acts as an anchor. Google will interpret it as a non-existent anchor if you do not use alt text. If you do not have an optimized alt tag, Google will read it as a “NoText” anchor, which you must avoid.

Image links can redirect your users to another website when they need to resize them to have a better view or scroll through your post.

This approach is widely used as a clickable call-to-action button, more like an ad.

Phrase Match Anchor Link Label

Phrase match anchor text defines the phrases that you want to rank with other keywords that are relevant to terms. The anchor text contains the keyword you want to rank for to create an associated phrase to match the anchor link title.

The phrase match anchor link also comprises a specific word for which you want to rank the website.

For example – “Best SEO Practices For SEO Experts” is the keyword, but those who are not SEO experts will search for “Best SEO practices for beginners.”

Broad Match Anchor Text (sometimes known as phrase match) consists of your desired keywords and different words. Here is an example –

AdBizzO can help you in developing the Best SEO strategy for your website.

Phrase match anchor text is a tremendous on-page approach for websites to convey both the topic of your content and the intent of the content you hyperlink to. It consists of keywords, but it’s not excessively optimized. Phrase anchor link titles also provide an outstanding opportunity to use long-tail keywords when linking to your content.

Related Keyword Anchor Text

Related anchor text uses synonyms or closely related keywords, but it doesn’t have any of your keywords. This type of anchor text can be an excellent way to give the context for a site you’re linking to without reusing the same keyword.

Here’s an example:

  • AdBizzO can help you to create a holistic roadmap search engine optimization plan.
  • “Off-page SEO strategies” (“off-page SEO” is related to the topic of “link building”

This type of anchor text assists search engines in understanding similar words and phrases that signify the same as your target keyword. 

Writing a relevant anchor text is just as important as it’s ever. Establishing an effective anchor text/backlink strategy is essential to keep Google’s algorithm satisfied. This is why you need a variety of anchor text styles and a focus on a positive user experience.

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